July 31 2018 Ended the 21st CCLC 5 year Grant period 2013-2018

In the next Grant Period the UMC Youth Center in Eastpoint and Franklin County School district will partner.  UMC Youth Center has file their Intent to Apply for the 21st CCLC

School Year 2022-23

Nest opens

August 10 2022

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Meet the staff

Learn of new 21st CCLC requirements

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Learn about our plans for the upcoming year.


We need your children

We have been Busy

We are happy to annouce that  the Youth Center is a member of  ACSI.  ACSI is a Chirstian School Association with member both in the US and Internationally.  We have just completed our year two inspection and are glad to report that we are in good standing

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This will be our fifth year of our program under the First United Methodist Church Youth and Children Center.  We had a very successful summer and are looking forward to a successful school year.

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Updated 5/31/2020

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